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Cambridge Civil Mediation (CCM) provides the services of John Byrne as mediator throughout the UK. 

John is also the secretary and a founder member of ACM, the Association of Cambridge Mediators.  Through ACM and John’s other mediation connections we can also supply mediators in an extended range of specialisms as required.  ACM’s website is at www.cambridgemediators.co.uk.

John has a reputation for approachability, impartiality and skill in achieving successful results. Our business is the resolution of disputes through negotiation in a flexible but controlled process which we manage.

CCM offers a fast, efficient and cost-effective service for resolving disputes of all kinds without the pressure and expense of going to court.


  • is quick
  • is constructive
  • gives certainty of outcome 
  • looks to the future not the past
  • is often cheaper than litigation
  • helps restore business and other relationships

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Why mediate?

Mediation is an efficient and effective way of resolving a dispute, from the the biggest commercial disputes to the smallest consumer claim.

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