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Cambridge Civil Mediation (CCM) is John Byrne’s company for the provision of his services as a mediator throughout the UK. CCM is an established mediation provider, with a reputation for approachability, impartiality and skill in achieving successful results.

Mediation resolves disputes and disagreements through negotiation in a flexible but controlled process. Using an independent mediator, it brings the parties together, giving both sides room to talk and to listen, and aims to settle disputes without the pressures of a court hearing. Mediation is voluntary for participants but the outcome is binding and enforceable.

John Byrne is a skilled and experienced mediator with a breadth of experience across different area of law. [click here for more details] We can also supply mediators in an extended range of specialisms as required.

We usually handle disputes which are on their way to court, but we will design a suitable process to resolve whatever dispute or disagreement you bring us – for example, employment disputes or disagreements about a proposed sale transaction or other deal. We carry out mediations anywhere in the United Kingdom or abroad.

In every case CCM offers an efficient and cost-effective service. We handle everything including setting up the mediation – which often requires negotiation itself – and making the practical arrangements. All these services are included in the mediator’s fee.

To decide whether mediation is right for you and for more details of what CCM offers, click here for information on Why mediation works and here for details of How mediation works.



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Why mediate?

The mediator will not impose a solution – it is for the parties to reach agreement if    they wish.  Nor will the mediator give any evaluation or judgement.

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